Turkey Visa Photo Requirements, Size and Guidelines 2024

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Has a Turkish vacation been on your mind lately? Fantastic! Turkey is an awesome destination that reflects the unique Eurasian travel experiences. Straddled between Asia and Europe, you get to enjoy the best of both continents. If you have already started planning your Turkey vacation, chances are you are researching about Turkey visa and its requirements. Among many requisites in Turkey visa documentation like the application forms, gathering financial statements, etc, is one crucial element that plays a key role in ensuring you get a visa approval. It is the Turkey visa photo requirement for the visa application. To know about it in detail, continue reading.

Main Points to Remember For Turkey Visa Photo Submission

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Turkey visa photo size

A Turkey visa photo size should be 5 cm in width and 6 cm in height. The photograph should have no borders. The photo should feature a slight gap of approximately 36 mm between the chin and the bottom end of the picture and 3 to 5 mm between the hairline and the upper end. This specification should be kept in mind to ensure that the picture is not taken too close or too far. Any photograph that has been stretched or contracted to fit in these size dimensions will not be accepted for visa processing.

Turkey visa photo background

The Turkey visa photo should be taken in colour. However, the background should be plain white with no creases, shadows, patterns, or smudges.

Time frame

To be eligible for a Turkey visa, one of the requirements for the visa photo is that it must have been taken recently, ideally three months before the application. You should have a new photo taken if you have had facial surgery, experienced a significant weight loss or gain, or if you have developed any new moles or scars on your face. It is highly recommended that you get a photo taken a week before your visa application.


Clarity is quite significant as one of the main components of Turkey’s visa photo requirements. The photograph submitted should not be blurry, pixelated, or distorted. The corners should be sharp, and the photo borders should not be uneven. The contrast, brightness, and saturation of the photograph should be balanced. The photo should not have flash glares or red eyes. The photo should be of high resolution and printed on fine-quality paper.


You should be standing straight and facing the camera. The head should not be tilted, turned, or leaning in the pose. The eye level should be the same as the camera, with the eyes looking straight into the camera.

Facial Features

The facial expression must be neutral – neither smiling nor frowning. The mouth should be closed. Eyes and ears should be clearly visible in the photo, so make sure you style your hair in such a way that it does not hide your eyes or ears in the photograph.

Attire and Accessories

The photograph that you submit, along with your visa application, reveals your visual identity. It gives a face to the application, and hence, it has to be in its truest form. So, when you apply for a Turkey visa, make sure the photo you submit accurately captures your current form and features. Women can wear makeup as long as it does not drastically alter their appearance. It is best to go with neutral makeup or a no-makeup look. Heavy makeup can also result in smudges and streaks on the face, which can ruin the photograph’s purpose. Spectacles and sunglasses are not allowed, and so are hats or any headgear other than religious attires or medically required. Religious attire is accepted as long as it does not hide or distort facial features.

Turkey visa photo requirements for children

The Turkey visa photo requirements for minors applying for a visa are the same as for adults. Young kids must follow all the rules, such as standing straight, looking at the camera, and keeping a neutral expression, to name a few. The Turkey visa photo requirements for babies slightly differ as it is quite difficult to keep an infant or toddler still in one place, let alone ensure that they are keeping a neutral expression. Hence, for toddlers and infants, it is alright if the photo is taken in the following manner as well:

  • Infants and toddlers can keep their mouths open.
  • A photo of the infant can be taken lying down on a white bedspread that can act as the white background.
  • However, the baby should not be asleep while the photo is clicked.
  • Make sure the baby is well-fed, calm, and in a good mood before you click the photograph, as a fussy, crying infant would definitely not keep his or her eyes open during the photo shoot.

However, the following points should be taken into consideration while taking a Turkey visa photo:

  • The photo should not be blurry. Eyes should be open and clearly visible. There should not be any red eye.
  • There should not be any other person holding the baby or any toys to keep the baby calm visible in the photograph.
  • The photo should be clear and without any shadows.

You can always get in touch with a reputed photo studio with experience in taking photographs for visa purposes and get your Turkey visa photo clicked. Now that you know the specifications of Turkey photo for visa application, you can be the judge of whether the photo you are submitting is the right one to ensure a seamless approval process for your visa application.


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