Necessity of Travel Insurance for International Trips

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Travelling for the first time! It’s an amazing adventure! Travelling makes you an excited storyteller. The moment you decide to travel beyond your country, you welcome new experiences in life. You feel ecstatic to try new cuisines, meet new people, and view some of the most breathtaking sights in the world. Travelling has never been simpler or more convenient in the modern world we live in. Although, that does not mean you get to ignore the basics and shy away from being a responsible traveller. The drill includes you first choosing a destination, then finalizing a vacation package or planning your itinerary that fits your budget, booking your flights and lodging, obtaining a visa, and above all, making sure you have travel insurance that will cover your trip. Yes, acquiring travel insurance is just as important as finalising other travel plans before leaving on a trip. For future reference, bookmark this guide, which has all the essential information about travel insurance.

Travel Insurance? What is that?

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Wondering ‘What is travel insurance’? The simple explanation would be – travel insurance is an assurance against monetary risks you can face during your foreign travels. It gives comfort to the insurance holder that they will be supported financially in case something unfortunate happens during the trip. For instance, you are having the time of your life enjoying the sights of Japan or Paris, but then a small misfortune happens. Maybe you fall sick and cannot avoid a visit to a doctor, or you lose your bags and belongings somewhere during your travel. Such occurrences could make your ideal vacation into a terrifying nightmare. Travel insurance can help in these situations because it can cover your financial losses and prevent you from being stranded and vulnerable in a foreign nation.

Travel insurance is your imaginary travel buddy that tags along with you on your international travels and says, ‘ Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!’ when an unfortunate financially draining incident happens on your travels. Carry this document on your holiday, and you will be covered financially in a foolproof way that gives you the confidence to tackle any financial problems that come your way during your travels. It is one of the best ways to assure peace of mind that you have a safety net to fall back on in case of financial emergencies on your international trips

How does travel insurance help on an international trip?

Opting for travel insurance is a smart move. When you get travel insurance, depending upon the coverage, you can get yourself insured against the following unfortunate incidents that can occur on any trip despite how well-planned it is:

Falling sick or getting injured on a trip

With travel and medical insurance in hand, you can stop worrying about spending a huge sum of money in a foreign country in case you catch a nasty flu or trip and injure yourself badly and need a visit to the doctor. However, you should note that the insurance will not cover the expense if you get injured due to your own recklessness, such as during a daring adventure sport experience or have a pre-existing medical condition due to which your health has taken a downward turn during your trip.

Baggage delay, loss, or theft while travelling

One of the prime needs for travel insurance for international trips is that it can help you claim for the loss incurred if you have lost your luggage or it is stolen during an international trip. While airlines can take many days to compensate, you can easily get a reimbursement from the travel insurance in no time.

Trip cancellations, delays, or interruptions

Any trip, even if well-planned and organized properly, can face unexpected flight cancellations, delays, or tour interruptions. In such cases, travel insurance is handy to get back your lost money through reimbursement.

The scope of travel insurance is quite extensive. You can even choose travel insurance that covers any loss or damage to property in the foreign country, third-party liability, loss of passport, emergency cash arrangements, and more. It is best to check for different firms offering insurance for foreign travel and read through their terms and conditions and FAQs about travel insurance for international trips meticulously to gain clarity before acquiring one for your travels.

How should you decide which travel insurance is best for your international trip?

You can travel internationally even without travel insurance. However, it is highly recommended to go ahead and get one for your travels as it provides peace of mind against unwanted expenses that arise during a holiday. Certain countries like the UAE and Schengen will compulsorily require you to apply for and obtain travel insurance and present the proof to the embassy to get a valid visa acceptance to these destinations. Plenty of firms offer travel insurance, and choosing one can be overwhelming. So here’s what you should do – based on your budget and the number of days you would be spending on an international trip, keep the following points in mind when you shortlist travel insurance:

  • Consider how much insurance coverage you need for your travel and if the cost of travel insurance suits your budget.
  • Check if the insurance will cover the destination you are travelling to and also review the policy limits.
  • Make sure to note which liabilities and expenses the insurance covers. Read the fine print and learn what is excluded from the cover.
  • Compare customer reviews of travel insurance and choose the one you feel satisfied with.
  • Seek additional benefits, if any.

Frequently Asked Questions -Travel Insurance

1. Is travel insurance a need or is it just an extra expense?

Consider travel insurance as your safety net during your international journeys. A cautious, smart traveller would acquire travel insurance knowing that it can be a much needed aid during tricky financial situations while travelling abroad. You might not feel the need on a short trip, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

2. How late can I purchase travel insurance before my trip?

Travel insurance can be purchased even a day before your departure date. But, it is always better to get travel insurance at least 10 to 15 days before you begin your international trip.

3. Can I cancel my trip for any reason and get a refund?

Cancellation policies can vary from provider to provider. It is best to get clarity on the same before you decide to apply for one. In most cases, a full refund will not be initiated if you have not taken an additional benefit like ‘Cancel for any reason’ (CFAR) on your policy.

4. Do I need to get a medical check-up done before applying for travel insurance?

Most travel insurance would not require you to undergo a medical check-up. However, you should be transparent in your medical history and declare any pre-existing health concerns during the travel insurance application process.

5. Is there an age limit for acquiring travel insurance?

Yes, there can be age limits imposed for acquiring travel insurance and it differs from provider to provider. Usually, senior citizens can find themselves under this category where an age limit is imposed to apply for and acquire travel insurance. However, many travel insurance firms do not levy any age limit and offer insurance to all age groups.

When you opt for travel insurance, you are a smart and responsible traveller. It is better to be fully prepared while entering a new country with limited financial resources in your hand and a whole new possibility of unforeseen circumstances that can arise in a country new to you and where you know limited people. It is one of the ways to have an unabridged travel plan so that you can have a great experience without the thought of financial stress due to unforeseen incidents lingering in your mind.

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