List of E-Visa Eligible Countries for Indian Passport Holders 2024


Inspirational sayings advise people to book a ticket for the flight, pack their bags, and embark on a journey to explore the world but often neglect to mention the numerous obstacles that lie in their path; obtaining a visa is a prominent example. An Indian citizen cannot just purchase a ticket and go anywhere. Before that, various legal formalities need to be completed. Travelling once required months of planning to cope with the arduous work of gathering documents and evidence, waiting in a queue, and answering questions about your background to have your visa application granted. How times have changed! E-Visa (Electronic Visa) has made travelling to many different nations simple.

Now the question is, what is e-visa? Most of you must have heard about it, but for those unaware, here you go. An E-Visa is a formally recognized legal document that the Immigration Department issues to permit you to enter (and travel through) another nation. The entire procedure, including filling out the documents and paying payments, is simple because it is done online. After being accepted, your E-Visa will be sent to your email. It is that simple.

A Quick Look at the List of Countries that Offer e-visa to Indian Citizens

Here is a long list of countries that offer e-visa for Indians,

1. Singapore


singapore, a stunning concrete jungle and one of the most exclusive cities within the world, is also the most accessible to Indians. Singapore should top your trip list due to its convenient air travel options and quick and straightforward application procedure for Singapore e visa for Indians. Singapore offers a lot of things. A few of the numerous attractions in this nation include the finest zoo in the world, vivid Marina Bay water and light display, fun-filled Universal Studios, and artificial beaches.

2. Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is rich in culture, history, and temples. To simplify the process of obtaining a visa, the Ministry of External Affairs & the International Cooperation of Cambodia created the e-Visa. The online procedure entails security, application, payment, and downloading of the visa when these steps are finished. A scanned copy of a current Indian passport, a digital copy of the photo, and a credit card are needed in order to pay the costs online. An e-Visa typically costs USD 30.

3. UAE-Dubai

Dubai miracle garden

With its opulent architecture, breathtaking skylines, and massive retail malls, Dubai has become a highly recognized tourist destination worldwide. Among the Middle East’s most forward-thinking cities, Dubai is also the location of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest manufactured structure.

4. Turkey

The first and foremost time you travel to Turkey, you will be amazed by its beauty. The nation is home to well-known structures and ruins just in the offing for you to explore them. In this attractive country, there is something for everyone. If history interests you, explore ancient ruins. Here, Ottoman, Roman, and Byzantine traces may be seen. If adventure/thrill is your thing, cliff jumps for an exhilarating experience and scuba dive to discover the fascinating marine life below the surface. You can take a relaxing cruise around the Mediterranean or an exciting hot air balloon trip. Turkey could not have been reached any simpler. You must only submit an E-Visa application on their government website to complete legal procedures. It is that easy.

5. Oman


Oman has pristine beaches, wind-whipped deserts, breathtaking mountains, and traditional charms to go along with its rich legacy and old spirit. It used to cost surplus money to pay mediators to obtain an Oman visa, but no more. Now that there is a simple and affordable E-visa application procedure, visiting Oman is as simple as possible. Oman has something for everyone, but it is especially great for those who wish to explore contemporary Arabia with a touch of the past.

6. Myanmar

Given India is only a short distance away, Myanmar recently offered an E-visa service. Considering travel, the nation is no longer the underdog. The ideal image comes to mind when local fishermen paddle in the clear, colorful lakes among golden Buddhist pagodas on a remote hill. Have fewer days available for travel yet want to escape the city’s bustle? Journey to Myanmar.

7. Malaysia


Despite not having any E-Visa option till 2017, Malaysia had millions of tourists. The figures will inevitably rise, so why not? Malaysia offers the ideal balance of metropolitan areas and deep jungles. Visit the busy metropolis of Kuala Lumpur for a day or two of tourism before travelling to Cameron Highlands to witness the indigenous tribes and tea farms. On a hot, sunny day, relax at the beaches or go scuba diving to discover the beautiful underwater world in the Perhentian Islands.

8. Georgia

For adventure seekers and tourists who enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding, rafting, skiing, & other activities, Georgia is a mesmerizing canvas. It is one of the greatest nations in Eurasia and the globe to travel to because of this and the mountainous backdrop. Although the country’s history is intricate and challenging to comprehend, it is unmistakable that this is where wine began. Georgia, a country on the boundary between Europe and Asia, is known for its refined culture, rich history, historic churches, and kind citizens. While most European nations require you to obtain a visa before travelling there, Georgia provides an E-Visa service, making it simpler to visit this fantastic nation.

9. Sri Lanka

Sri lanka

The main reasons to visit Sri Lanka include its gorgeous landscapes, delectable cuisine, unusual wildlife, and E-visa program. The nation is renowned for swiftly processing visa requests. Have to make last-minute travel plans? Your destination is obvious. This place is awash with culture. Travelling around the nation is simple due to its size. You will have recollections of Sri Lanka’s incredibly kind and helpful locals, breath-taking scenery, and delectable cuisine. The fact that tuk tuk drivers would slow down to provide you a ride & wish you a good day even if you decline them is sufficient evidence.

10. Thailand

This South-East Asian nation is well-known for its beautiful temples, delectable cuisine, extensive cultural history, and welcoming inhabitants. Every part of the nation demonstrates the unparalleled hospitality of the local Thai people. Some islands, like Phi Phi, Koh Samui, and Koh Pha Ngan, are now popular destinations for tourists.

Bottom Line 

This is not the end. The list of countries that offer e-visa for Indian passport holders also comprises Vietnam, Laos, Armenia, Bahrain, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, Moldova, Myanmar, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, and Georgia. For best results, always verify the visa requirements and restrictions directly with the respective country’s embassy or consulate before planning your travel.

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