Comprehensive Guide to Dubai’s Golden Visa Program 2024

UAE Golden Visa

UAE is distinct. It is most tourists’ favorite nation, particularly Dubai. They refer to it as “the city of gold” since it evolved into a prominent business hub on a global scale. Think about working there- the daily perfect weather and magnificent structures. It seems like a dream, that! But you can now make this fantasy a reality. The Dubai Golden Visa is ideal for you since it offers so much.

Defining Golden Visa Dubai

What is a Dubai golden visa? Is the instant question that pops up in a person’s mind the moment they hear the term golden visa. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Dubai’s ruler and prime minister, launched the golden visa as a long-term residential program in 2019. More than 400 investors, businesspeople, and a few of their family members have received the visa since it was introduced.

A long-term resident visa known as the “Golden Visa” in Dubai enables gifted foreigners to live, study, or work there while also receiving a number of exceptional privileges, such as:

  • A 10-year renewable long-term resident permit;
  • A multiple-entry admission visa that is valid for six months before a residence permit being awarded
  • A self-sponsored visa since an employer is not necessary.
  • The ability to stay outside the United Arab Emirates for longer than the typical six-month period, while still maintaining the validity of the residency visa.
  • The bearer of a golden visa can invite unlimited domestic helpers.
  • If the bearer of a Golden visa passes away, the family members are permitted to stay in the UAE through the expiration of their visas.

Golden Dubai Visa Eligibility

Below are the golden Visa Dubai requirements if you fit one of the following categories:

  • Investors: These are those who have invested in real estate and have acquired assets worth a minimum of AED 2 million.
  • Entrepreneurs: These people own start-up businesses registered as Small & Medium Enterprises in the UAE and bring in at least AED 1 million annually or are partners in such enterprises.
  • People with exceptional talents include those in digital technology, culture, the arts, sports, and invention.
  • Scientists: These individuals include researchers and scientists who have achieved great success and impact in their fields.
  • Professionals: These people come from various fields, including medical, teaching, science and engineering, law, business, and administration, & information technology.
  • Outstanding students and graduates: This includes top performers in the secondary education system and universities of the United Arab Emirates and top performers who have graduated from the top 100 institutions globally.
  • Pioneers in humanitarianism: These people often hold prestigious positions in national or international philanthropic organizations.
  • Healthcare professionals and other frontline workers are among the frontline heroes.

How to Obtain Golden Visa Dubai?


Most people must wonder how to obtain a golden visa in the UAE; we will cover that topic below.

  • To begin with, a six-month visa is required for entry. This is a prerequisite to getting a Golden Visa. You may explore different opportunities and the nation with this as well.
  • Submit the application for a visa that allows multiple entries.
  • Complete an online form with the appropriate information based on your profile, such as investor, entrepreneur/ student.
  • You need to get your legal papers confirmed by the Indian State Department, the UAE, and the MEA embassy in India if you want a multiple-entry visa to the UAE.
  • You can travel to the country on your six-month visa to show that you are qualified and talented for a Golden Visa.

Benefits Galore

Dubai Golden Visa has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. These “golden visa” programs are frequently improving quantity and quality. Golden visas were launched in Dubai in 2019 as well, after introducing these visas in several other nations. In any event, many of their benefits are still not widely understood. The advantage of these Golden Visa programs, provided through venture programs, is either citizenship or residency. A reward in and of itself is obtaining citizenship or even residence in a different nation, mainly if the target country is more developed than one’s own. There are untold reasons why those who qualify should think having a golden visa is the greatest way to predict the future. Some of the top golden visa Dubai benefits include,

  • National sponsors are not necessary-The new UAE golden visa system gives foreigners the freedom to live, study, & work in Dubai sans the requirement for local sponsors and with full responsibility for any business conducted there. These visas are automatically renewed and are awarded for either five or ten years.
  • Several accounts-It is a terrific idea to be able to refer to another nation as your home since it makes opening an account there simpler. Thanks to more banks, there is less risk of your cash being consumed by the crisis. By facilitating your entry into a nation with a Golden Visa, it becomes much easier for you to have another secure vault for your emergency money.
  • Travel ease-Holders with golden visas are treated the same as UAE citizens. Consequently, it makes travelling easier. Therefore, you do not require reapplying for a visa and may live, study, and work anywhere in the UAE without experiencing any difficulties.
  • Beneficial Investment- Since buying a home is required for most of the Golden Visa program, they are frequently disregarded as uncomplicated program costs. People buy houses to get citizenship or a residency through investing. But it involves something else completely. Many countries providing Golden Visas are recovering from their most current economic slump. This suggests that their real estate market is frequently expanding. Essentially, the property you buy as part of the Golden Visa needs will ultimately earn you more money.
  • 0% Income Tax and Corporate-Due to UAE’s tax-free status, foreigners and investors can profit from avoiding taxes in their home countries by obtaining a tax residency certificate from UAE. In the UAE, all income & profits are tax-free; thus, one may benefit from investing in Dubai in real estate, bonds, or company establishments.

Documents Required

Depending on the visa type you are looking for, there are different documentation requirements for a Dubai Golden Visa. The following general papers, however, are needed for all Dubai Golden Visa types:

  • Visa application form
  • Passport
  • Evidence that you live in the UAE
  • Income documentation
  • Health insurance
  • Criminal history check

There can be extra needs in addition to this standard paperwork for some sorts of Dubai Golden Visas. For instance, you must present investment documentation to seek a Dubai Golden Visa as an investor. You must show evidence of your talent if you request a Dubai Golden Visa based on your skill.

These are just some documents that may be required for a Dubai Golden Visa. The specific documents needed will vary depending on your circumstances.

Processing Time

Once all necessary documents have been provided, the processing time for a UAE Golden Visa is around 48 hours. If you request a nomination, you will get an email within 30 days informing you regarding the outcome of the request. After they confirm your candidature, you will get an email with a link to upload the necessary papers for the visa. After they have verified the application via the Federal Authorities for Identity & Citizenship, you will receive your visa a few weeks after they have uploaded your supporting papers.

Expenses Required

Expenditures required for a Dubai Golden Visa:

  • In the United Arab Emirates, a Golden Visa application will run you between AED 2,800 & AED 3,800.
  • The fee to apply from outside the UAE ranges from AED 3,800 to AED 4,800.
  • The cost of the UAE Golden Visa varies depending on the kind and category of visa.
  • A medical exam and processing fees for Emirates ID total about Dh1, 000 for the applicant.

Bottom Line

Dubai is dubbed the “City of Superlatives” rather appropriately. Every characteristic of the city is accompanied by a superlative. For instance, the tallest building in the world, the biggest mall, the biggest photo frame, the deepest pool, the tallest chocolate sculpture, the tallest hotel, the longest handmade gold chain, the longest painting, the longest water screen projection, the longest graffiti scroll, the biggest flower arrangement, the highest restaurant, the biggest man-made islands, and so on! No surprise, it is regarded as the ideal spot to visit if you are searching for a break with family or friends, or just for yourself, with a breathtaking exhibition of its wealthy and beautiful life, hassle-free Dubai visa process, and a general absence of mediocrity!

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