Invitation Letter for Canada Visa Sample with Guidelines 2024

Invitation Letter

Planning a Canada trip? Then you must get the wheels rolling on the Canada visa process. Many tourists find the Canada visa application process difficult, so it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the procedure and the components needed for a quick and easy visa application. There are many requirements to meet to apply for a visa to Canada, and some may make you anxious about how to proceed and complete the process effectively. One such task to tackle is the requirement for the Invitation Letter for a Canada visa. What exactly is it about, and how should you handle this requirement so that it doesn’t complicate getting a Canada visa? We’ve got your back with this ultimate guide on everything you need to know about the invitation letter for your Canada visa application.

Importance of a Strong Invitation Letter for Your Canada Visa

A well-written Letter of Invitation is crucial for a successful Canada visa application. This is one of the best ways to explain your purpose for visiting Canada, and a suitable letter can increase your chances of getting a visa quickly and on time. A Letter of Invitation is signed by a Canadian citizen or resident who knows the applicant. The letter informs immigration authorities that the signatory has good faith in the applicant, that the applicant is of good character, is visiting Canada for business, social or professional purposes, and plans to leave the country after the purpose of the visit has been fulfilled. The letter’s goal is to let the Embassy know that the applicant is coming to Canada for a genuine reason and that the Canadian resident or citizen who has signed the letter signifies in good faith as a reference for the applicant.

Who needs a Canada visa Letter of Invitation, and who can draft it?

A Letter of Invitation is required for the application of these two main types of Canada visas:

  • Canada Temporary Resident visa: a short-term visa that lets the visa holder stay for 6 months.
  • Super visa: Visa issued to grandparents to visit family and stay longer than six months.
    It is basically required for those arriving in Canada for tourism, social, and business visits. Anyone eligible for an eTA(Electronic Travel Authorization) does not need a Letter of Invitation.

Canada visa

The letter has to be signed by someone in Canada who acknowledges you as a known, familiar person acquainted with them. This letter can be drafted by:

Independent children
Close friends
Corporate who invites you for any business purpose like events or conferences.

The person inviting you to Canada should notarize the letter if the Embassy requests it in some circumstances.

Key Elements to Include in Your Canada Invitation Letter

The main requirements for the Invitation Letter for Canada are:

  • A sincere reason for visiting Canada.
  • Strong ties to your country of origin.
  • Connection to your Canadian host.
  • A declaration that, in the event of a Super visa, a Canadian host will provide the applicant with financial support and documentation.

The letter should be customized as per your purpose of visit to Canada. A business invitation letter should emphasize the reason for your trip and your plans to work with Canadian companies. In contrast, a family visit invitation letter should reflect your close relationship with your relatives in Canada.

The letter should contain the following details of the Canadian host and the applicant:

  • Complete name as it appears in the passport
  • Birthdate
  • Full home address and mobile/Contact number

About the applicant, the letter should contain the following:

  • The detailed purpose of the Canada trip includes the total duration the applicant wants to stay in Canada.
  • Accommodation and Financial details
  • Date of exit from Canada.
  • Relationship with the Canadian resident/citizen

About the Canada host, the letter should indicate the following:

  • Canadian resident or citizenship, along with documents to prove the same.
  • Job position in Canada.
  • Number of people already living with you in Canada. This should also include the people you are currently sponsoring.

In the case of a Super Visa, the following should also be included:

  • Details of your family, such as your spouse and dependents’ names and dates of birth.
  • A written and signed promise of your financial support for your parents or grandparents for their entire stay in Canada, and
  • Proof that your income meets or is above the low-income cut-off (LICO) for the total number of people, including the visiting parents or grandparents.

Steps to Write an Effective Invitation Letter for Canada Visa

Find an inviter from Canada.

The person inviting you should be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. It could be a friend, family member, or business contact.

Follow a basic Formal Letter pattern and include the following:

  • A header with the Canadian host’s name and contact information followed by a subject line.
  • Add an introduction of the Canadian host, then describe the applicant’s name and the reason for their visit to Canada. Mention the city they will be staying in, the reason for their trip, the places they plan to see specifically, and the length of their stay.
  • If applicable, include details of the travel itinerary and the applicant’s return flight to demonstrate intent to leave Canada after the visit. Emphasize strong ties to the applicant’s home country. Make it clear that there is no intention to overstay in Canada now.
  • Provide the host’s legal residential status in Canada. Request that they specify in the letter if the inviter will pay for your expenses or provide financial support for the trip. This supports your case that you have adequate funding for your visit. Give specifics about your accommodations, whether you will stay with the inviter or at a hotel during your visit. If you are staying with the inviter, ask them to confirm that you will receive free lodging throughout your visit.

It is important to give honest, precise information. Avoid writing a vague letter of invitation, and be straightforward about your travel intentions in Canada. Use a welcoming yet formal tone. Where applicable, offer supporting documentation. The letter should be written in English. Keep it brief and concentrate on the essential points. Highlight the topics that demonstrate strong relationships between the applicant and the Canadian host and a compelling reason to return to your home country. An overly long letter may lose the reader’s attention and give the impression that you are trying desperately to persuade the officer.

Sample Invitation Letter for a Canada Tourist Visa

For many, the thought of writing a Canada visa Letter of Invitation leaves them blank or scratching their head. Don’t Stress! Use this sample Invitation letter for a Canada visa as a guide to creating an ideal invitation for a social or leisurely visit to Canada. The following letter should be written from the perspective of the Canadian host.

Name of the Canadian resident/Citizen
Phone Number

To the Canadian Embassy in (Country of Applicant)
Embassy Address
Embassy Phone number

Subject: Letter of Invitation
(City in Canada and Date)

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is (Name of the Canadian resident/Citizen), and my date of birth is (Date of Birth of the Canadian resident/Citizen). I am a (Canadian citizen/resident status) living in (address in Canada) and working as a (Job title along with Company name and location). This is to certify that the (Name of Friend(s), Family Member(s), will be visiting me in the (City of Residence). My friends/family members are (state Family or relationship ties, duration of friendship or acquaintance.)

I provide this letter of invitation on behalf of my (friends, parents and indicate their complete names.), born on (mark the date of birth), respectively, and live at: (indicate address and telephone number). They are applying for a (state the type of Canada visa) so that they can visit Canada for a few days from( Date of Arrival) to (Date of Departure). (Name of Friend, Family Member) will be staying at (address) for the duration of their stay, and they will be here for (Explain the purpose of visit along with places to visit in Canada.). They/I will be responsible for the financial support for their visit.

Please find attached to this letter proof of my legal status in Canada and financial status. You will also find my personal information and those of my guests.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

I thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Kind Regards,
(Name and Signature of Canadian Resident/Citizen)


And there you have it. Now, armed with the clarity and tips to draft an ideal letter of invitation for your Canada visa, you are all set for your Canadian sojourn. A crucial part of your application is the Letter of Invitation from your host in Canada, and once you have nailed it, you will find that a Canada visa application is relatively easy to tackle.

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