Updated Australian Visa Types Guide 2024

Australia Visa

Thousands of visitors from across the world come to Australia each year, whether they are there for business or pleasure. Anyone who intends to travel to Australia should apply for the necessary Australian visa. While physically submitting a visa application at a visa application office is an option, it is more practical and hassle-free to apply for the same online.

Understanding Australia Visa

An Australian visa is simply a document that gives you permission to visit Australia for a specific amount of time. Australia does not affix visa stamps or markings to your passport as most other nations do. Instead, the immigration officer will check a database to see if you have a visa when you arrive in Australia. This is because your visa rights are electronically recorded on the database.

A Close Look at the Different Australian Visa Types

How many types of visas are there in Australia? Is this question coming to your mind? Well, here you go.
Let’s take a close and detailed look at the different types of Australia visa,

  • Tourist Visa- Anyone travelling to Australia for a vacation or to visit friends and relatives is given an Australian tourist visa. This visa is good for three, six, or twelve months. Certain nationalities applicants can apply for this Australian visa online with an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority).
  • Medical Visa- One may remain in Australia while receiving treatment if they have a medical visa. Depending on the circumstances, one may be given a single entry or numerous entries. This Australian visa takes between 18 and 40 days to complete.
  • Work Visa- The work visa is a must-discuss topic while discussing Australian visa categories. It comes in two varieties: sponsored/nominated work visas and skilled migration visas. The previous visa category requires applicants to possess the capabilities that the Australian labor market demands. The latter visa category requires applicants to be nominated by a certified Australian employer, state authority, territory, or government organization. Notably, the work visa processing duration ranges from 6-12 months.
  • Business Visitor Visa- This Australian visa may be applied online, and some nationalities also allow for the application of an ETA. An applicant can negotiate contracts, make official visits, attend conferences, interview for jobs, and professional exams with this visa.
  • Transit Visa- This visa only permits a 72-hour stay in Australia, unlike the other Australian visa categories. To depart Australia during those 72 hours, one should also have a confirmed travel reservation. This visa requires a processing period of 8-17 days. A person from India who wishes to transit Australia must ensure they have refundable travel reservations.
  • Working Holiday Visa- Anybody between 18 and 30 may work in Australia for about a year with this visa. Additionally, this visa may be extended for an additional two years by fulfilling certain criteria.
  • Student Visa- A student visa permits a stay of a maximum of five years, depending on the degree of study. This Australian visa is available online, and the time it takes to process the application will depend on how many are submitted.
  • Family Visa- This Australian visa includes many visas, including the parent, partner, orphan relative, carer, and adoption visas. Before submitting an online application for an Australian visa, one must get additional information from the official government website.
  • Parent Visa- Parents of qualifying Australian citizens, permanent residents, or citizens of New Zealand may be granted a visa under this category.
  • Partner Visa- The spouses, de facto partners, or intended spouses of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or qualified New Zealand citizens are granted visas under this category.
  • Humanitarian Visa- Refugees who uphold Australia’s protection commitments are granted these visas.
  • Bridging Visas- While the immigration application gets processed, the holders of these visas are permitted to remain in Australia.

Australia Visa Requirements

Australia Visa Stamp

The Australia Visa Requirements are as follows,

  • Passport
  • Invitation Letter
  • Australian Visa Form
  • Employer Permission Letter
  • Paid Visa Fee
  • Accommodation Reservations
  • One Identity Picture
  • Detailed Itinerary
  • National Identity Card
  • Evidence of a Temporary Stay
  • Police Certificate
  • Authorized Recipient Form
  • Family Certificates
  • Health Insurance
  • Evidence of Finance

Australia Visa Requirement for Minors

There are a set of certain documents that must be submitted with each Australian visa application made by a person under 18 years,

  • Permission letter from the parents or legal guardians
  • Signed and completed the authorization form
  • Legal declaration
  • Declaration of undertaking (in situations where the child applicant will be staying in Australia with a senior family member or friend)

Australian Visa Processing Time

Depending on the kind of visa, processing times for Australia visas differ. Most visa requests submitted through the tourist stream are typically processed in a matter of weeks, at most four months; however, if all goes according to plan, it may take just a few days.

Long-term visa applications may take some months to about more than one year to process, depending on the kind of visa.

Is Biometrics a Need?

You must submit your biometrics (fingerprints and visa photo) if:

  • You apply for a visa that requires biometrics.
  • You submit your application from a nation where biometrics is required.

Need for Travel Health Insurance

You must always be properly covered by Australian health insurance to get long-term visas. However, the Australian government highly urges tourists to get health insurance even though it is not often required for visiting visas.

Australia Visa Validity

You can often remain for about three months together if you are visiting Australia for tourism or other short-term purposes:

The validity of an eVisitor and ETA is one year (365 days) from the issuance date. You are permitted to enter the nation several times this year, provided that each entry does not result in a stay of more than three months.

Up to 3, 6, or 12 months are permitted with a tourist stream visa.

Depending on your unique situation, study, work & other types of long-term visas may be granted for a few months or up to five years.

How long can you stay outside of Australia before coming back?

There are no restrictions on how long you may stay abroad before returning to Australia if you have either an ETA/an eVisitor. Just be sure to leave the country before your three months are up. If you enter again within one year of leaving, you can stay for three more months.

Also, remember that you cannot enrol in a study program that lasts longer than three months and are not permitted to work in Australia through a tourist visa, eVisitor, or an ETA.

Australia Visa Extension

You must apply for a new visa to extend your visa for Australia. Not all visas, though, will let you apply for the new one should you wish to stay in Australia for longer. As they were established when the visa was obtained, you must review the terms of your visa.

To extend your visa to Australia, take these steps:

  • Verify the terms of the visa.
  • Verify if the waiver request is appropriate.
  • Request a waiver of the visa requirements.
  • Verify the waiver ruling.
  • Request a new visa.

You must pay the application costs since you are applying for a new visa. The amount will vary depending on the kind of visa.

After your visa expires, how long may you stay?

You are not permitted to remain in Australia post the validity of your visa expires unless you have filed for a different form of visa. Even a small amount of overstaying will appear on the immigration record and may impact future visa applications.

If you overstay the visa by more than 28 days, immigration officials may examine you before you depart and may potentially impose a three-year travel restriction.

There are, of course, exceptions should you have a good excuse for your excessive stay.

Australian Visa Cost

The cost of an Australian visa varies according to the kind, procedure, and length of your stay:

  • AUD 145 for a visit visa, eVisitor, and ETA; free of charge with the exception of an AUD 20 service charge.
  • Visa for students: AUD 620
  • Visa for training: 310 AUD
  • Work visa: Depending on the visa, from AUD 310-AUD 4,045

Refund Policy

If you withdraw your application for an Australian visa, no compensation is probably available. Only one of these following situations will result in a refund for a visa applicant:

  • A member of the applicant’s family, including the applicant, has passed away.
  • The applicant already has the same type of visa.
  • Only for parent visa requests: The applicant has requested a decision on a second application for an Australian parent visa of a different kind.
  • You will not get a refund either if the visa application is rejected.

Checking Visa Validity & Conditions

To view the specifics and requirements of your visa, utilize the VEVO tool. You require one of the following to access VEVO:

You receive a TRN when you begin the online visa application.

You will be given a visa grant number if the visa application is approved.

If, for any reason, there is no visa label on your passport, you will receive a Visa Evidence Number.

Along with that information, you must input your birth date, passport number, & nation of citizenship.

Checking Application Progress

You may see the status of your online application with your ImmiAccount. The following updates will be made to your account when the Department of Home Affairs reviews your application:

Incomplete- if your visa application is still unfinished.

Ready to Submit- If you have completed the application but have not yet submitted it, you are ready to submit it.

Submitted- The application has been submitted.

Received- The DHA has acknowledged receiving your application.

Further Assessment- The DHA is evaluating your application during the preliminary evaluation.

Additional evaluation- if the DHA asked you to provide more information.

Finalized: A choice has been made, and you will shortly get an email or postal notification.

Payment Methods

When submitting an online visa application, you must pay the application cost using a credit or debit card (such as an American Express, Visa, Diners Club, MasterCard, or JCB). An embassy/consulate will inform you how to pay the fee if you apply there.

Scope for Modification and Review

You must ensure that your online visa application is error-free before submitting it. Before submitting the application and paying for a visa, you may easily make changes if you find an error. You will probably need to resubmit this application and pay the visa cost if you discover the error after you have already submitted.

The good news is that you can re-evaluate your application and fix any errors before submitting it.

Remember that providing incorrect information about your passport can cause issues for you, especially at the border.

Final Analysis

You will require a visa if you travel to Australia for work, study, or to see relatives. Knowing the specifics of the many Australian visa kinds can help aspiring travelers choose one that fits their needs and apply for it without difficulty. Australia is on the Line!

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