Updated Canada Visa Photo Size Guide 2024

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When it comes to submitting your Canada visa application, every document is essential. Most of us concentrate on submitting a valid passport, depositing the right amount of money in the bank account, filling out the application form correctly, and sending the right invitation letter for a Canada visa. But not many pay much attention to providing clear photographs. People mostly submit passport-size photographs they already possess without even realizing that this can be why their Canada visa application is rejected. This is because the photographs you submit should fulfill certain important requirements. There are specifications regarding size, lighting, facial expressions, etc. This is a complete guide for all kinds of Canada visa photo requirements.

Requirements for Canada Visa Photo

A visa photo is required for applying for all types of Canada visa, be it a permanent resident visa, temporary resident visa, or visitor visa. Here, we will see the points you must remember while submitting your visa photographs.
Photo Size: This is probably the most vital aspect of a visa photo. You cannot randomly take photos and submit them for your Canada visa application. The Canada visa photo size parameters will also depend on the type of Canada visa you are applying for. This is probably the only aspect that differs as per the different types of Canada visas.

  • Canada Permanent Resident Visa Photo Size: 70 mm height x 50 mm width
  • Canada Temporary Resident Visa Photo Size: 45 mm height x 35 mm width
  • Canada Tourist Visa Photo Size: 45 mm height x 35 mm width

Lighting and Contrast: It is inevitable to get the lighting and contrast of the photograph correct. The photo should not be too bright or too dark. The lighting should be uniform throughout the photo. The person’s face should be clearly visible. There should be no shadows.

Background: The photograph should be preferably in color, although black and white photos are acceptable. The background should be white or some other light color. The background should be plain and not have any patterns.
Facial Position, Features, and Head Size: Your head must be straight, like you are looking into the camera directly. The face measurement in the photo should be 31 mm x 36 mm. The top of your shoulders should also be visible. All your facial features should be clearly seen in the photo.

Facial Expression: Your facial expression for a Canada visa photo should be neutral. Refrain from smiling, grinning, or even frowning while taking the photo. Keep your mouth closed and your eyes open. Your teeth should not be seen in the photo.

Eyeglasses: Wearing eyeglasses for your visa photograph is acceptable. But make sure the frames do not cover your eyes. The lens should not have any tint or glare. Sunglasses should be avoided. Similarly, avoid photos with red eyes.

Head Gear: There are strict rules against wearing headgear, like hats, caps, etc., while taking visa photos. You must avoid them for all reasons. But religious head gear is acceptable. Even in this case, the head gear should not cover any facial features. It should also not create a shadow on the face.

Paper Quality: Do not compromise on the quality of the photo. It should be printed on high-quality photographic paper. Do not go for heavy-weight paper.

Important Rules to Remember

Apart from the photo requirements mentioned above, you must also remember some important tips.

  • The photos should not be more than six months old.
  • You need to submit two photos, and both should be identical.
  • Your appearance in the photo should be like your current appearance.
  • It is best to wear formal or casual clothes. Avoid wearing white clothes so that they do not clash with the background.
  • Include the name, address, and stamp of the photo studio where the photo was taken on the back of the photo. You must also include the full name of the photographer and their signature. If these details are missing, it can lead to the rejection of your visa photo.
  • Mention your name on the back of the photo.
  • Digital alterations to the photo are not allowed.

Canada Photo Requirements for Babies and Children

Taking pictures of babies and children is a whole different ballgame. It is extremely difficult to keep them from moving or even controlling their facial features. Hence, some leeway is given to visa photos for kids. Here is what is expected:

  • The baby should either lie down or be seated in a car seat.
  • A white sheet should be in the background.
  • If a parent holds the child, their hands should not be visible in the photo.
  • The baby’s photo should be in the middle of the photo.
  • The baby’s mouth should remain closed.

The process of applying for a Canada visa may be overwhelming. There are so many rules to follow. But it is also important to follow them to ensure your visa application is not rejected. In case you are still confused about the Canada visa photo requirements, get your photo clicked by a reputed photo studio in your city with experience and expertise of dealing with Canada visa photographs.

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