Spain Digital Nomad Visa Requirements and Application Guide

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Spain? If your degree is from a reputed university or college, you can do both things despite being a foreigner. A Spain Digital Nomad Visa can help you with it. You can also work remotely while living in Spain if you have three years or more of work experience in a particular field.

A nomad visa for Spain lets you work for a company beyond the country’s borders. This visa also gives you the right to work for a Spain-based company as a self-employed person. But there is a rule for self-employed persons to work in such companies. Their share of work from self-employment should not be more than 20% of their professional activity.

Your unmarried partner or spouse can also obtain a Spain Digital Nomad Visa. Your dependent children or relatives may qualify for it if they meet its eligibility criteria.

What documents do you need to fulfill Spain’s digital nomad visa requirements?

Generally, meeting specific requirements is essential to qualify for any type of visa to enter into a foreign country. This rule is also applicable to a digital nomad visa. The first step towards it is to apply for an NIE number. The documents you need to submit while filing your application to stay and work in Spain include the following:

  • A fully filled-up and signed visa application form (mandatory for both an applicant and their representative)
  • A recent color photo of a passport size on a light background (it must show your face properly without dark glasses or any face cover)
  • A passport with a minimum of two blank pages that is valid for a year (the issuing date of the passport should not be more than ten years on the day of filing the application)
  • A certificate with the details of a criminal record for the last two years
  • Self-declaration stating no pending criminal cases in the five-year-duration before the date of the application for a visa
  • UK-based applicants need to furnish their ACRO certificate in connection with their criminal record certificate
  • Any proof that you have a home in a consular post-assigned area
  • A passport or photo ID card of a representative along with the letter of accreditation if a representative applies on your behalf
  • A copy of a Spanish translation of the contents of a document if it is in a foreign language
  • Proof of visa fee payment in Spanish currency (the visa fee may change due to fluctuations in the currency)
  • Health insurance documents – original and photocopy (the documents must be from a health insurance provider operating in Spain).

As far as your health insurance documents are concerned, they must cover all the risks in connection with the public health system in Spain. The provider of the documents must have a registration certificate under the Spanish National Social Security. When applying for a digital nomad visa, there are separate requirements for family members and international workers.

Requisite documents for international workers

  • A certificate as proof of work experience for a minimum of 3 months from a previous company or organization (along with the details of the duration of work experience)
  • A valid document stating the duration for which a worker is eligible to work remotely (for those individuals who wish to work remotely while staying in Spain)
  • An S1 form and a proof of the registration of a company under the SNSS (Spanish National Social Security), a self-declaration by the company stating that an individual is an employee of a company, and an HRMIC issue A1 form if an applicant is associated with the BNSS (British National Social Security)
  • A self-declaration by a company along with its registration certificate if a candidate is registered under the SNSS (Spanish National Social Security)
  • A document proving that an individual has financial means that is equivalent to 200% of £25700, which is the minimum national income in Spain
  • A copy of a professional certificate or the certificate of a degree issued by a university.

Requisite documents for family members

  • Any document that proves that an individual is a family member of a worker (a copy of marriage or birth certificate, whichever is applicable, along with a copy of the Spanish translation of the submitted document)
  • A document that proves an unregistered partnership (for unmarried couples)
  • A document related to the civil status or financial dependence of adult children (an apostilled or legalized copy along with its Spanish translation)
  • Any document proving that the relatives are in the care of an investor (applicable while submitting the documents for the relatives of an individual).

How to apply?

The procedure for applying for a digital nomad visa for Spain is straightforward. You can apply for one by submitting copies of the above documents. You also need to pay the requisite fee for your visa application. If you are applying through a visa agent, ensure that he/she furnishes the relevant documents as mentioned above.

Countries offering digital nomad visas

Some other countries offering digital nomad visas include Estonia, Croatia, Germany, Barbados, Mexico, Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda, Bermuda, Georgia, Iceland, Thailand, Brazil, Anguilla, Romania, the Cayman Islands, and Spain.

Final thoughts

Spain is on the list of countries that offer digital nomad visas to foreigners, and submission of the relevant documents will play a vital role in determining the fate of your visa application. So, don’t forget to gather and keep them handy before applying for your visa document online.

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