The Essential Checklist of Dubai Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

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Dubai, the city of luxury, is a remarkable destination and one of the most popular places that entices Indian citizens with promises of unforgettable experiences. If you are an Indian citizen planning to visit Dubai, it is essential to understand the Dubai visa requirements to ensure a hassle-free trip. So, before you pack your bags, here’s an insight into the details regarding a Dubai visa for Indian travelers, especially for a tourist visa.

Types of Dubai visa

As an Indian, you are eligible for several types of Dubai visa. These can be categorized as long-term, transit, and short-term.

Long-Term Visa

Planning to stay for a year in Dubai? Then, you should apply for long-term Dubai visas. These visas are ideal for Indian citizens who wish to stay more than 120 days and beyond for work, study, and business-related purposes.

Transit Visa

If you stop in Dubai to catch another flight to another destination, you can get a 48 or 96-hour transit visa. You should note that to be eligible for a transit visa, you must have a confirmed onward ticket, and you should exit Dubai within the validity of the visa.

Short-term visas – Tourist/Visit visa

These are suited for those Indian citizens who want to enter and stay in Dubai for a short time, usually not more than 90 days.
Indian citizens wanting to visit Dubai for tourism, sightseeing, recreational activities, or to visit friends and family can avail of a 30-day or 60-day visa, which is extendable. For an Indian citizen, a 14-day visa on arrival can be obtained if the applicant has a valid USA visit visa, US Green Card, or Resident visa issued by the UK or the EU nations. Ideal for short vacations, this visa opens doors to Dubai’s myriad treasures. Indian citizens are also eligible for 5-year multiple tourist visas, which they can acquire if they plan to visit Dubai multiple times within five years.

Essential to know about Dubai Visa Requirements

While the Dubai visa process may seem straightforward, there are certain requirements to remember when applying for a Dubai visa as an Indian citizen. An Indian citizen visiting Dubai who is not eligible for a visa-on-arrival or is planning a trip in Dubai for more than 14 days will need to secure a valid, pre-approved Dubai visa before they arrive in Dubai. An Indian citizen cannot apply for a Dubai visa in UAE Embassy/Consulate situated in India. They should be aware that the UAE visa needs a sponsor to apply for the visa on their behalf in the UAE. For the same, the Indian national applicant should approach a UAE national who would apply for the visa on their behalf and send it to them. The applicant can also come with UAE-based services such as:

  • The airlines they are booking their flight with.
  • Tour operators with whom they have purchased a holiday package.
  • Hotels where they have reservations for their accommodation in Dubai.
  • Dubai visa servicing agencies

Document Checklist for Dubai Visa Application by Indian Citizen

While applying for a Dubai visa from India, ensure you are armed with the proper paperwork for a hassle-free journey to the heart of the UAE.

Passport Documents: Clear scanned copies of the first and last pages of a valid Indian passport with at least six months of validity upon arrival in Dubai. Include copies of any previous Dubai visas with exit stamps. Ensure the passport is undamaged and not handwritten.

Visa Application Form: Complete, error-free, and signed visa application form. Double-check for correctness, completeness, and consistency with supporting documents.

Flight Details: Confirmed return or onward flight ticket as proof of intention to leave Dubai within the specified duration.

Travel Insurance: For Indian citizens, travel insurance is one of the essential documents required for a Dubai visa.

Financial Proof: Provide proof of sufficient funds via bank statements, credit card statements, salary slips, and income tax returns. Include the UAE sponsor’s bank statements if applicable.

Sponsor’s Documents: Copies of UAE sponsor’s Passport and Residence visa, Emirates ID, and security deposit.

Travel Itinerary and Accommodation: If not arranged through a sponsor, provide details of travel plans and Dubai accommodation bookings.

Employment Verification: Letter from the employer stating job profile, years of experience, and salary.

Special Requirements: For female applicants, students above 18 travelling alone, NOC and photo ID of parents, guardians, or husband will be required. Include any documents as requested by the UAE Embassy.

OK to Board Verification: Indian citizens have to undergo an additional step of visa verification before they can board their Dubai flight, known as ‘OK to Board.’ This is an additional verification check carried out by the airline you will fly to Dubai and done to ensure that the visa you have acquired is genuine. The process does not take more than a day or two, and the status is reflected against the PNR number of your flight ticket.


Dubai, a captivating blend of tradition and innovation, eagerly welcomes Indian travelers with a myriad of experiences. As an Indian citizen planning to visit Dubai, it is vital to understand the visa requirements for a smooth journey. So, now that you know what is required for your visa, pack your bags, double-check your documents, and prepare yourself for an extraordinary Dubai adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions about Dubai Visa for Indian Citizens

Need more clarification? Here are a few FAQs about Dubai visa to give you further clarity.

Are there visa-free options for Indian Citizens travelling to Dubai?

Unfortunately, any Indian national travelling to Dubai should acquire a Dubai visa. It can be a pre-approved visa or a visa-on-arrival.

How long can an Indian Citizen stay on a tourist visa?

The Tourist visas are valid for 30 or 60-day stays, which can be extended. However, the total stay period after the extension should be at most 120 days.

When should I apply for my Dubai visa from India?

A Dubai visa takes about 5 to 7 working days to process. However, applying at least 15 days before your intended travel date is best to avoid any last-minute hassles.

How will I receive my visa?

The UAE visa is a digital one and will be emailed to you. You should provide a valid and working email address when applying for the Dubai visa.

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